The Kids City Golf Program is a part of our Community projects. The program is a 2012 Creative Award Nominee and the winner of the 2011 Best New Program Award-from the Kids Golf Foundation of Illinois. The Kids City Golf Program was developed to give Chicago’s undeserved children the opportunity to learn the game of golf and life skills that include leadership, integrity, self-esteem and conflict resolution. Children are encouraged to use these life skills daily and to share instances where using the skills has had a positive impact in their families and communities. The program is paid for by fundraisers and donations. Each participant receives the following free items: new golf clubs and instruction from certified golf instructors, a hat and T-shirt, fresh fruit platters, lunch and round-trip transportation. Ascend has helped to provide this program to more than 400 participants. The Kids City Golf Program supporters include: Billy Casper Golf Courses, Hook A Kid on Golf National Foundation, Jewel Food Stores and the AM Bus Company.


The Kids City Golf Caddy Jobs Program

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Kids City Golf Caddy Jobs Program in 2016 . Caddy job openings will be available in May 2016. Contact us for more information.

Our Kids City Golf Program has been supported by local Target retail stores who provided various items which helped to ensure the program’s success and demonstrated Target’s commitment to communities. This partnership is welcomed by communities and in turn motivates consumers to patronize Target stores. Please join our efforts!