History – In 2011, Ascend En La Escena partnered with Increase The Peace 501(C)3 and Chicago Public Schools to develop workshops where kids learned how to build life skills used to become positive members of their communities. A total of 10,000 signatures were collected from students as a promise and commitment to “Increase The Peace” and ultimately build successful lives. As Ascend En La Escena continues our work with Increase The Peace and we recently partnered with ROYALT2Y (aka 2ROYALTY.org) and it’s Dream Nurturer program to host the mentoring segment of our youth projects. The Panama World Trade & Investment International Youth Ambassador Program has partnered with us to expand opportunities for our youth. Our youth work is a collective effort designed to obtain maximum support from organizations with the same goals and mission. These partnerships strengthen our resource pool and allow us to assist more youth.

All profits from fundraising events benefit our youth projects and programs!
Join us as we build a better world one community at a time!