Beauty Inside Out

Program Leaders

Chief Consultant

Larry brings 30+ years of experience developing and managing youth programs with the official agencies in Illinois including the Department of Children And Family Services, U.S. Department of Education, Center For Drug Free Schools, and the Department of Human Services. Larry is also the President/CEO of Lawrence D. Whitman & Associates where he oversees the production of signature entertainment events since the company’s launch in 1984.

Youth Development Director

As Executive Producer, Global Brand Partnerships KC leads the project teams and oversees the production of client, brand and vendor collaborations. In addition to producing more than 2 decades of youth projects KC completed the youth development curriculum and Training Workshops offer by Go Girls Go of the Women’s Sports Foundation in 2010 – 11. She trained in areas that include teaching youth life skills that include self-esteem, discipline, conflict resolution, leadership, integrity and communication. KC also co-founded the Kids City Golf Program. The program won the Best New Program Award from the Kids Golf Foundation of Illinois in 2011 and continues to serve hundreds of youth throughout the Chicago area.

Youth Development Manager

Corinithia has earned several accolades and certificates along with letters of acknowledgement from the Mayor and Governor for the outstanding work she performed and her long standing commitment to leading and teaching the youth throughout the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois. Corinithia has a knack for managing the daily operations of youth driven programs.

Head Of Finance, CPA, MBA, Esquire

Cecil B. Lucy, CPA, MBA, Esquire for Ascend En La Escena – oversees financing including agency budgets, community project donations and client sponsorships and directs all accounting and legal business affairs. With 30 years of diverse management, accounting and law experience, Lucy is an expert in the industry and has worked for the top accounting, city municipality and established institutions in the world. Lucy is also the current CFO at Tuskegee University.