Media Trekker – Robert Wittmer – Captures the best of Rio de Janerio

January 20, 2014

The Media Trekker – Robert Wittmer –  is known for the way he captures events and natural surroundings through his video and photos.  Wittmer travels across the world with his trekking pole as a monopod.  The trekker is a telescoping aluminum-pole which is extendable and can be used in different situations. Wittmer and his team use the trekking pole to hold their camera’s and this has enabled them to capture beauty in a whole new way.  Wittmer also created this concept because of the multipurpose ability it has.  The trekker also serves as a aid to him when he is capturing footage while trekking, hiking and snowboarding.  This tool also enables him to capture the best footage he can while underwater.  Additionally, the trekking pole is used as a great weight support for Wittmer while he is traveling across the world capturing footage.  Wittmer joined the Ascend/En La Escena – On The Scene team to capture the best of Rio de Janerio.  Stay tuned to see the Rio de Jenrio and it’s beauty through footage from the Media Trekker. Click on the links below to view more on what Wittmer does and see a sneak peak of Rio de Janerio.  Visit his website at You can also visit him on Facebook @ Media Trekker to see more of his incredible work.


The Media Trekker and Who He Is

A Sneak Peak Into Rio de Janerio



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