January 12, 2014

Help us build a better world one community at a time!

On March 3, 2017, the Beauty Inside Out workshop kicks off another long term mentoring initiative that will empower 1,000 at each of 3 workshops reaching 3,000 teen girls. Topics covered include integrity, self-esteem, confidence, discipline, conflict resolution, leadership, hair and skin care, health and nutrition, basic banking, financial planning, and entrepreneurial business. Professional women will guide the girls during the workshop as they experience an exciting atmosphere with amazing gift bags, resource program books and fun beauty products.

Professional men will host the Boys Are Awesome segment for 750 boys ages 8 – 18 years old. A Champion boxer will share tips on how to use boxing exercises as a way to channel aggression, practice discipline, integrity, and build confidence and respect. The boys will also be guided through tactics that can be used to practice safety. Other topics include learning basic banking, financial planning and entrepreneurial business. The boys will partake in activities designed to motivate and inspire and each of them will receive a resource program book and gift bags filled with fun products.
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