Commedian Bam Bamm Micah White – Heads Special Jail Initiative to Give Inmates an Opportunity at A Succesful Future

December 17, 2015


Inmates in Richmond were being given a once-a-lifetime opportunity on  Dec 13th – as they took part in a jail talent show.  The talent show offered inmates the opportunity a job offer when they are released from jail.  Local Comedian Micah Bam Bam White spearheaded this opportunity through his non-profit RVA.  The talent show was called “RVA Has Talent.”  Inmates could only participate in the program if they were currently active in the job training program at the jail.  Many agree that regardless of the talent in the jail that it is hard to find a job once one is released from jail.  The inmate job program teaches inmates how to interview, fill out applications properly and present themselves.  Additionally, the winner gets to mentor others in the program after release.

“If I can teach them that there’s something inside of them that they love, and actually capitalize on, they might spend more time working on that versus other things they shouldn’t be doing,” White says.


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