Ascend Global Marketing is a brand marketing agency that produces interactive lifestyle events with product usage, product sampling and product endorsements by event attendees, consumers, staff, athletes and celebrities. A focus is placed on authentic “people” experiences where brand loyalty genuinely grows.

En La Escena is a media driven event production company that produces program segments which give audiences a glimpse into global culture and trends while sharing the best products and services the world has to offer.

Ascend Global Marketing and En La Escena now known as Ascend En La Escena teamed up to form a partnership to produce experiences that attract Latino, African American and Caribbean audiences ages 12 to 54 – reaching 175 million viewers. The content is delivered in English, Spanish and Portuguese – and can be produced in other languages, including French and German.

" A marketing plan is not complete without a live component where consumers are touched by Experiences. Our clients receive strategic leadership, creative production, outstanding management and exceptional excellence."
Robert McCowen