35 Top Airport Restaurants that will Have you Coming Back for More

November 25, 2013

35 Best Airport Restaurants Around the World

The Daily Meal presents its second annual listing of the most exemplary airport restaurants — many worth missing your flight for


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The Daily Meal presents its listing of the 35 best airport restaurants in the world.


Traveling makes you hungry. Whether you’re flying across the country or across the globe, you’re going to crave a meal, or at least a snack, dessert, and definitely a tasty drink. But where can you find good food when you’re en route? It can be tough to know where to grab a bite when you’re on-the-go. That’s why we’re helping you decide where to nibble, nosh, and imbibe at airports from America to Australia, England to Spain, and many more locales around the world.

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The Daily Meal’s list of the 35 Best Airport Restaurants Around the World was carefully curated through an extensive nomination process. (This article updates last year’s 31 Best Airport Restaurants Around the World, with some new restaurants on the list, including Seafood Bar — Caviar House & Prunier at Sydney Airport and Uptown Brasserie at New York City’s JFK.)

Globe-trotting gourmands that we are, The Daily Meal staff packed its bags, hit the road, canvassed concourses around the world, and compiled a preliminary list of more than 100 restaurants. We also consulted food and travel experts, and added their recommendations to those of The Daily Meal’s editors, who have traveled and dined extensively around the world.

Restaurants were judged in two categories: cuisine and style/décor/service. From innovative menu options to plating and presentation to freshness, quality, and taste, The Daily Meal evaluated each restaurant’s cuisine and only included the restaurants that were deemed to be extraordinary. For the second category the focus was set on the whole dining experience, from the restaurant’s interior and dining room ambiance to the service. Based on the combined results from the evaluation made in each category, the restaurants were finally ranked.

“Great dining experiences feed the body and nourish the soul,” says Michael Levine, CEO of Tastes on the Fly, the company that runs Napa Farms Market at San Francisco International Airport, which made the list. Eating well when you’re traveling can help you maintain energy for your trip, and avoid unnecessary snacking during the actual flight.

From sandwiches and salads at Heathrow’s Giraffe to hot dogs, burgers, fries, and floats at Shake Shack in New York City, eating at an airport can be downright yummy. Have a little more time? Enjoy a sit-down dinner at an airport eatery like Le Sommelier Bar & Bistro in Copenhagen, where you can sample classic French dishes like steak frites alongside seafood sandwiches and rotisserie chicken.

No matter where you’re jetting off to, there are choices for every flyer, from those on the run who need a quick bite to those with long layovers who have the time to indulge in a great meal. So pack your bags and don’t forget your appetite!